Take your store to the next level

Looking to expand your store's catalog of products? You’ve come to the right place! Ooze Wholesale is a one-stop shop for smoke shop, dispensary, and convenience store products, and our selection is unmatched. Register with us now to shop our captivating counter displays and impressive range of innovative cannabis accessories, with our dedicated customer support team standing by to answer any questions or resolve any issues!

  • Target Media Content 
    We provide all the media content you need to start making big sales on your new products. You will have access to posters, sale sheets, videos, and photos to highlight the products in your brick-and-mortar or online store.
  • Social Media Recognition
    Let our social channels work for you! Tag @oozewholesale in your Instagram story posts and we will reshare to our large audience of Ooze fans, directing local traffic to your stores.
  • Advertising Opportunities
    The Ooze marketing team is at your disposal to create any sales materials you may need. From web banners to flyer graphics that we distribute through our networks, we’ll work with you to increase your store’s visibility for both local and web traffic.
  • Exclusive Deals on New Products
    At Ooze Wholesale, we are always on the lookout for new, innovative products to share with our network. We regularly release new products through our House Brands and distribution partnerships, all at the affordable price points our customers expect from us. There’s no need to search elsewhere for new products because we’re constantly on the hunt for you!